How we work


How we work

GTS Transformers has consolidated its position in the field of special transformer production.

Our pool of specialists is available for advise and cooperation on the design and manufacture of tailor made products. Our products are used in several fields including:

  • Industrial Automation
  • drives and inverter
  • commutation
  • electromedical
  • power electronics
  • eolic and photovoltaic systems
  • galvanic
  • AC / DC filtering
  • machine tools
  • Ups.

GTS Transformers builds products in accordance with the European and IEC standards.
The transformers are usually manufactured in accordance with Isolating transformers standard (IEC 61558-2-4) and Safety isolating transformers standard (IEC 61558-2-6).

When the product do not comply in the field of application of these standards, one applies the standard related to the specifications. Different standards will be evaluated.

On request we are able to supply products in compliance with UL and CSA standards. These items are supplied with UL file E309865 or insulation system class 155(F) marked UL file E231988.

A testing sheet, issued per job lot, attests the compliance with the standards and the test of each product.

The materials employed for the production are the best available :

  • Winding wires of the best brand.
  • Low losses cores to obtain compact dimensions and lower waste of energy.
  • Galvanized metal accessories.
  • Treatment with resins which allow a better thermal performance and reliability in humid climate.